secrets of ecommerce

I have been a fashion stylist for nearly 20 years and now I work, predominately in the North-West and Manchester……the big shift I have seen, is the amount of e-commerce work I have been asked to do.

Some would say that e-com work is the bread and butter of styling and there is no skill required. You are given 3-4 rails of clothes and from 9-5, you dress a model in outfits that look like they were tailor made for them. Simple right?

This is never the case-certainly not from my experience. I always need my trusted kit to pin, bulldog, sew or adjust garments that vary in size and silhouette. Because at the end of the day-clothes sizing is never precise and it will always be a battle to find the perfect size 10 garment, to fit the perfect size 10 model.

This is an out-take from an e-commerce shoot I produced and styled. The image hasn’t been retouched. Looks pretty good huh? Yep, I'm pretty damn good with a bulldog clip!

02-Print Play.jpg